Vol 1, nr. 2 (2010)
Silence as an Incubator for Creativity

Nancy Siegel


Seen as an incubator, silence can serve as a rich and fertile breeding ground as well as a safe and nurturing place for the expression of creativity. Through philosophical and personal musings, this author reflects on a positive side of silence as opposed to the more negative imposed silence that she experienced as a young child. Chosen silence can nourish and nurture and offer an environment with the perfect and necessary conditions that lead to the birth of creativity. As its own entity, silence can offer the pause that is necessary before creativity finds expression. Small “c” creativity, the kind that lives deep inside each of us, that is God given, offers an opportunity to emulate the ultimate Creator, creating something from nothing.

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Nancy Siegel

Nancy Siegel
BA in Early Childhood Education, Radiant Child Yoga Teacher Training

Nancy Siegel has been involved in the education of children for more than twenty years. She began her career in the early childhood classroom. Over the past ten years she has been creating and implementing educationally based and yoga inspired programming, specifically a creative arts camp for children called CADDY Camp which stands for Circus, Art, Dance, Drama and Yoga. For the past five years, Nancy she has presented creative and unique experiential workshops for classroom teachers based on the Caddy Camp model. The workshops have given both seasoned and less experienced teachers an opportunity to refresh, enhance and support their existing techniques and capabilities. The workshops, with an emphasis on self-refection, have also empowered teachers with new ways to enhance and reignite the joy of learning in themselves and in their students. Nancy has a BA in Early Childhood Education from Chatham College, in Pittsburgh, PA and post graduate work in Moral Development from Harvard University and Developmental Psychology from Teachers’ College. Nancy received her certification with YogaKids (Level 1) and Radiant Child Yoga Teacher Training programs and has been practicing yoga for 12 years. She lives in Teaneck, NJ.


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