Vol 1, no. 3 (2010) Special Issue: Creativity and Learning

01. Music Moves the Minutes: Children's Spontaneous Singing and Time Negotiation in the Classroom

Sara Stevens Zur


Lance and Tiffany, both age 5, are singing loudly as they color, cut, and paste a worksheet about a letter of the alphabet that they have been learning. They work as quickly as possible, knowing that as soon as they turn in their work, they will be allowed to have free time in the play area. This is especially difficult for Lance, who is often one of the last in his class to finish, and whose compulsion to play seems very strong. Tiffany stops singing for a moment, and Lance appears flustered. He stops his work, turns to Tiffany and commands, “You have to sing!”

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Sara Stevens Zur

Sara Stevens Zur
Adjunct Professor of Music Education at Queens College, New York, New York

Sara Stevens Zur is currently Adjunct Professor of Music Education at Queens College, New York, New York. Her early childhood teaching experience includes various preschool settings with infants, toddlers and preschoolers, as well as public elementary school grades K-4. Dr. Zur has worked as an educational consultant and curriculum designer for several early childhood music programs including “Music Within” at the Harlem School of Music, “WeBop!” at Jazz at Lincoln Center, and “Musical Troubadours” at the Thurnauer School of Music. She has presented her research in areas of music play, spontaneous music, and cultural issues at the Early Childhood Music Educators Commission in Spain and in Taiwan, at the International Seminar of Music Education in Norway, and most recently at the 2007 American Orff Schulwerk Association conference, “The Art of Play” in the US. Dr. Zur’s work has appeared in Music Educators Journal, Childhood Education: Infancy Through Early Adolescence, and The Qualitative Report.



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