Vol 1, no. 3 (2010) Special Issue: Creativity and Learning

04. Creativity and Learning - Educating the Creative Mind

Jens Skou Olsen


In educating the creative mind it becomes imperative to reach a deeper understanding of the creative mind and of creativity itself. A vast number of creativity research studies conducted in recent years indicate that creativity is closely related to art, artistic practice, and artistic modes of relating to and communicating with, the world around us. This article looks into the nature of art and the creative process and proposes a definition of creativity that presents art and arts-based education as one of the many ways of promoting creative thinking and innovation. It is argued that a close look at the nature of artistic processes reveals a palette of meta competencies, a palette that can be applied not only to artistic minded teachers, children and learning organizations, but to all social groups, areas and levels - in effect to the many varied fields within our culture.

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Jens Skou Olsen
Kontrabassist, forfatter, docent på Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium i København

Jens Skou Olsen er kontrabassist, cellist og komponist og har siden 1992 sideløbende med sit kunstneriske virke været dybt engageret i undervisning, udvikling af de nye rytmiske kunstuddannelser i Danmark samt i ledelse og koordination inden for den rytmiske musikkulturs mange landskaber. Jens har siden 1986 plejet en omfattende international karriere i samspil med danske og internationale kunstnere. Medvirker på mere end 60 CD udgivelser. Ansat som docent på Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium i København siden 1997. Gæstelærer på Royal Academy of Music i London 2008. Forfatter, debattør og foredragsholder med fokus på kreativitet, spontaneitet og bevidsthed inden for kunstnerisk praksis og pædagogik.



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