Vol 1, no. 3 (2010) Special Issue: Creativity and Learning

08. Arts Education and Creativity

Heather Moorefield-Lang & Barbara Day


Arts-based disciplines in the schools and the creative thought those classes generate are recognized in the areas of research and education. But arts education courses in our schools are being threatened with extinction. Do adolescent students see the arts-based classes offered at their schools as important to their creativity? This study explores the question "Does arts education have a relationship to eighth-grade rural adolescent students' creativity?" Student questionnaires, focus-group interviews, and follow-up interviews were data collection methods used with 92 eighth-grade teen students. Strong emphasis was placed on gathering personal narratives, comments, and opinions directly from the students. Content analysis was used to analyze the student interviews. The students in this study had much to share on the arts courses offered in their school.

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Heather Moorefield-Lang

Heather Moorefield-Lang
Ed.D, Librarian, Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg Virginia

Heather is the Education Librarian at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. Her research has a double focus of arts and library education in the public schools. Her most recent published article is Arts Voices: Middle School Students and the Relationships of the Arts to their Motivation and Self-Efficacy with the journal The Qualitative Report.


Barbara Day

Barbara Day
PH.D, Professor, University of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Professor and coordinator of the Curriculum and Instruction Program at UNC-Chapel Hill, Barbara Day teaches doctoral courses in supervision and research in curriculum and instruction. She previously coordinated the programs of Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education and Teaching and Learning. She is a former teacher, principal and assistant superintendent of schools. She has authored numerous textbooks, including Early Childhood Education: Developmental/Experiential Teaching & Learning, and Good Schools for Young Children.



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