Vol 2, nr. 1 (2011) Kreativitet og køn

11. The Creative Human Being

Tina J. Friis


Neanderthals were gender-neutral. We changed, and the gender division could have started at that very profound and hardly arguable perception in the early human minds: that gender division is crucial for the survival of our species. Throughout time, we have however continued the creative utilisation, and further reinforced our gender difference. Biologically it makes no sense that our brain react differently, as our brain is indeed alike, apart from variation in size. However, the wiring system in our brain is as different as there are persons. How the wiring system is made, structured and formed is still to be discovered. But it affects us in how, who and what we are, and limits us creatively.

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Tina J. Friis

Tina J. Friis
Counsellor, therapist & author

Tina J. Friis is a counsellor, therapist & published author and writer of blogs, articles, essays etc. She has a BA in business, certifications in psychology, and a range of ITEC physiological qualifications with over 20 years of experience working with the human body and mind. Tina J. Friis is Danish, lives in the UK, and currently a MSc. student in Clinical Hypnosis at Thames Valley University / London College of Clinical Hypnosis.


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