Alda de Jesus Oliveira

Alda de Jesus Oliveira
Ph.D., MA (MUSIC), MA in Composition, pianist, composer

Supervising Professor at the Post-Graduate Program in Music at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA, Brazil).
Brazilian researcher, composer and pianist. PhD in Music Education at The University of Texas at Austin, Master degree in Composition and Music Education at Tufts University, Medford, Boston, USA. She won piano and composition prizes in Brazil, and also the title “Housewright Eminent Scholar” by Florida University at Tallahassee, USA. Founder member of Brazilian Association of Music Education (ABEM) and its first President. Former Director of the Music School of the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil. Active member of the International Society for Music Education (ISME) and founder member of the Center of Production, Documention and Studies of Music - SONARE. Production includes books, several articles published in Brazil and abroad, compositions and recordings. Recently Alda is working with a post-graduation group of researchers with the theme PONTES: creation, development, application, observation, collection and analysis of pedagogic articulations in music education (bridges) during the process of creative and continued education of music teachers.



Vol 2, nr. 1 (2011)
Kreativitet og køn - Creativity and Gender
Deadline: March 7., 2011
Release: March 25., 2011


Vol 1, nr. 4 (2010)
Kreativitet og ledelse - Creativity and Leadership
Deadline: December 1., 2010
Release: December 20., 2010

Vol 1, nr. 3 (2010)
Specialudgave: Kreativitet og læring - Special Issue: Creativity and Learning
Deadline: August 23., 2010
Release: October 1., 2010

Vol 1, nr. 2 (2010)
Kreativitetens praksis - The Practice of Creativity
Deadline: Maj 3., 2010
Release: Maj 31., 2010

Vol 1, nr. 1 (2010)
Kreativitetens værensformer - Creativity and Modes of Being
Deadline: January 25., 2010
Release: February 15., 2010