Vilma de Oliveira Silva Fogaça

Vilma de Oliveira Silva Fogaça
Master of Music Education (UFBA), the Music School of the Federal University of Bahia.

Vilma Fogaça (1974, São Paulo, Brasil), has a music education diploma by the Music School of the Federal University of Bahia and has completed the Master course in the same institution, defending a thesis on musical creativity, under the supervision of Dr. Alda Oliveira. She has studied piano since she was a child. Ms. Fogaça has taught children in the Musicalization Project at the Extension Curses Program, introducing the students to the piano, with emphasis on musical creativity. She has participated of the Núcleo de Pesquisa em Performance Musical e Psicologia - NUPISMUS, coordinated by Dr. Diana Santiago. In 2009 has been hired by the Federal University of Bahia to work as a music professor at the Music Education course at the under-graduation level. Vilma Fogaça has published seven research articles in the main Brazilian academic journals.



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Kreativitet og køn - Creativity and Gender
Deadline: March 7., 2011
Release: March 25., 2011


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Kreativitet og ledelse - Creativity and Leadership
Deadline: December 1., 2010
Release: December 20., 2010

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Specialudgave: Kreativitet og læring - Special Issue: Creativity and Learning
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Kreativitetens praksis - The Practice of Creativity
Deadline: Maj 3., 2010
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Kreativitetens værensformer - Creativity and Modes of Being
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